Sherlock Holmes Fanart/Story Illustrations

Noel Dwyer

Stuff that goes to stories I've written:

(The stories can be found at

The Skeleton

Collared! [Chapter 3]-- That's Dalton... I had no idea what he looked like when I started this drawing. He ended up with huuuge whiskers, which I realized didn't fit, so I managed to erase them... And the coloring style is strange... and the proportions are off... I'm just not sure how much I like this one in general.

Sherlock and, um, James-- (watercolor) Every now and then I question my inability to do watercolor, and have to re-prove to myself that no, I still can't do it. There are a couple of sections of this that I rather like, so I'm posting it. And no, I honestly do not know what Holmes is looking at.

"A regular Jonathan Wild" [Chapter 4]-- (pencil sketch inked in ballpoint pen) Young Holmes and Moriarty discuss crimefighting! Yes, I stole Holmes' uniform from the Granada rendition of the Priory School. Shh, don't tell. After a summer of drawing, I think I'm improving... And ballpoint pen is just an awesome medium.

Brother [Chapter 6]-- (inked in ballpoint pen, colored in photoshop) Yeah, I'm just absurdly proud of the coloring on this. It also heralded the sudden appearance of a new inking style which I think is cool. And I think the pic is cute. So, in conclusion: Whoohoo!!

Bowing Out

Holmes looking down from the ledge-- (ballpoint pen) Done instead of/while watching a bad pirate movie. I'm proud of the fact that no pencil ever touched this page. (Although if one had, i might not have had to cleverly cross out his mangled right arm. =P) Yeah, it could just be a canonical illustration, but it was done while the aforesaid pirate movie was distracting me from writing this fic, so I'm considering it an illustration of it.

The Deserters

Waiting-- (inked in ballpoint pen, colored in photoshop) Poor Holmes looks really stressed... and Mary is being exceptionally sweet about about it, which, it is my impression, is what she's really really good at. I like how Mary came out: fairly pretty, I think, but still odd enough looking to have character.

The Adventure of the Fortuneteller's Vase

Portrait of Anita Sheldon-- (copic markers/oil pastel) Quick scribbly thing to get an idea of what she looks like.

Young Sherlock investigating the missing vase
Black and White-- (pencil sketch,inked in ballpoint pen)
Color-- (same, but colored in photoshop) It took forever to color, but I'm not sure which version I prefer. Either way, I find this picture adorable.

Anita yelling at "Death"-- (ookay: sketched in pencil, inked in ballpoint pen, and colored with copic markers) I've seen awesome things done with copic markers, but I have never quite succeeded in doing them.

Stuff that goes to stories other people have written:

Confessions of the Master (amalcolm1)

Sherlock and John Sherlock- Very very awesome story, which I was inspired to illustrate. This particular scene is Holmes' first meeting with Watson's son.

Stuff that doesn't actually go to any stories but is meant to look like it does:

Well, ya see... I have this account at Elfwood, and its a really cool place to get feedback from (hint-hint). But the trouble is, it's a fantasy/scifi only gallery, and Sherlock's policy of two feet on the ground doesn't really fit it very well. So, I made a special genre of pic in which everyone's feet are firmly up in the air, and so am currently in the process of trying to invade Elfwood with the aforesaid pics. (The Elfwood versions have longer explanations attached... I did put some thought into these, even if it was nearly entirely directed towards B.S.-ing Sherlock Holmes into fantasy... and I don't mean that in a bad way, I worked hard on these. It's sort of the exercise of the fortunetellers art: given small inklings of how the story is likely to have gone, you pretend that you know the whole thing. As far as drawing goes, it's extremely fun. But I digress.) So anyway:

The Giant Rats of Sumatra-- (inked in ballpoint pen, colored in photoshop) I don't know what they're doing, why Watson is there, what the Matilda Briggs is doing on dry land, or why the world is not yet prepared for this, but here it is any way.

The Speckled Band-- (inked in ballpoint pen, colored in photoshop) Snakes are deaf, coldblooded, can't get up ropes, and don't like milk, ergo, Dr. Roylott was really attempting to kill his daughters with one of these, and Watson pretended it was a snake because he knew nobody would believe the truth...

Sherlock, Mycroft, Watson, and the Small and Shiny McGuffin-- (inked in ballpoint pen, colored in photoshop) It seems that Mycroft has summoned Holmes and Watson to the Diogenes Club concerning this little box. What is in the box? Your guess is as good as mine.

Fun with the Pause Button:

"Fun with the pause button" is simply when i'm watching a movie and I pause it to draw people. As I'm being incredibly lazy this summer, I've been watching Sherlock Holmes movies in enormous quantities. Here are some of the results.

Basil Rathbone-- (ballpoint pen) not fond of him, but figuring out what that kind of nose actually looks like was an enourmous breakthrough. ;)

Arthur Wontner-- (ballpoint pen) This is from an old version of "the Sign of Four." I think the overwhelming urge to throttle the girl playing Mary was one of the things that made me pause this so many times... I think I haven't actually finished watching it yet. That, and the fact that this guy looks remarkably like Holmes.

Jeremy Brett-- (ballpoint pen) The grand master, of course!

David Burke-- (ballpoint pen) Aaaand Watson! I tried to draw Watson purely from imagination several times, and it came out horribly. Somehow the generality of physical description in the stories made me draw him generically (plus the Strand illos don't help-- everyone Paget drew was awesome, except Watson), and he's too good a guy to look like a placeholder. So I decided to learn to draw him this way.